Are you tired of working harder for less, or your money not going as far?

Beat inflation with the secret of sound money!
Secure your finances using a taxation-free strategy used by the rich for years.

Member Benefits

  • Dealer direct pricing on gold and silver
  • Buy and sell gold and silver in fractional amounts (from $1!)
  • Instant processing with no added fees
  • Access to AutoSaver investment strategy with smart tax loopholes
  • Access to Sovereign Nations heathcare program - significant individual, family, and group health insurance savings options
  • Rare, low-mintage coin opportunities for offensive investment strategies
  • Graded, authentic collectibles marketplace access
  • Gold-backed IRA
  • Significant savings on travel and many restaurants and stores
  • Residual income and ecommerce opportunities
  • The link automatically defaults to the premium membership, but you can click on the standard one to access most of the same features. If you have interest in sharing the membership with others, talk to us about the best way to get set up. Please let us know if you have any questions!

I'm interested in utilizing Sound Money Wallet in my business to save on taxes and payment processing fees

Why pay more to process your customer payments when you could offer them the option of paying with gold and silver with no added fees? It's also great for B2B! We bet your accountant will be impressed.


I have more questions...

Connect with us to answer questions directly or get the weekly Q&A Zoom info‪ by texting 915.229.5444‬ or messaging us on Messenger.

I'm interested in saving money on self-employed or group health insurance for my business

Members have access to low premiums through a 100% Tribally owned insurance company (owned by multiple federally recognized Indian Tribes who have inherent sovereignty to make their own laws and govern themselves).